Consumer Grant Projects

Temporary Food Establishment Brochure: Food Safety & Licensing Guide
Information on why a food license is required and instructions on how to apply. Also included are steps to preparing for your event and what is necessary during your event.

On-Line Food Safety Training for Food Sevice Workers: Provide online access for food service employees to PowerPoint presentations outlining the 5 risk factors of food borne illness.

Farm Market Food Safety Know-How: Shopping safely at your local farmers markets

Self-Inspection Guide for Farmers’ Markets: general guidelines for farmers’ market inspections created by the MDA Food & Dairy Division.

Pocket Guide for Pest Identification: “The purpose of this Guide is to assist Michigan’s food safety inspectors in pest identification and knowing where to look during inspections in retail food establishments, food processing facilities, or food storage facilities.” Created by MSU PSEP with funding from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

  • Pocket Guide for Pest Identification

Foodborne Illness: This is a great introduction to foodborne illnesses. A ton of great information in a quick read. A must for any foodservice operation.

Developing Lasting Relationships:  A wonderful resource. This manual will help you in creating and sustaining helpful business relationships with your food industry partners.

Emergency Food Practices: Aimed more at consumers this is still an excellent quick guide for safe food practices in an emergency for foodservice operations. This guide includes a “Cold Food Temperature Guide” and tips to keep your food safe if the power goes out.

Health Department Standards: This is the Model Enforcement Guide for Michigan Health Departments laid out by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.