National Food Safety Month

National Food Safety Month 2019 — Controlling Risk:  The Elements of a Food Safety Management System

National Food Safety Month was created in 1994 to heighten the awareness of food safety education. Each year, we feature a new theme and provide free training activities and posters for the restaurant and foodservice industry to help reinforce proper food safety practices and procedures.

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Each week, new activity sheets, posters, infographics, and videos are available for you to download that will help reinforce proper food safety practices. Use these assets to spark open conversations between managers and employees.

2021: Know Safe & Show Safe

Week 1: Cleaning vs.Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting

Week 2: Cleaning & Sanitizing Equipment

Week 3:  Cleaning & Sanitizing Dishes

Week 4:  Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Operations

Week 5: Develop & Implement a Cleaning Program


Managing Risk: 30 Years of Food Safety

Week 1: Personal Hygiene

Week 2: Cleaning & Sanitizing

Week 3: Safe Food Preparation

Week 4: Food Safety Procedures

Week 5: COVID-19 Procedures


Week 1:  Understand the Process

Week 2:  Provide Input – Sponsored by Tork USA

Week 3:  Refine the Process

Week 4:  Maintain Your Commitment

Reminder Posters


Week 1:  Regulations – Keep It Compliant!

Week 2:  Suppliers – Keep It Controlled!

Week 3:  Consumers – Keep It Safe!

Week 4:  Employers – Keep It Up!