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Recall And Outbreak Information

How To Report Food Safety Concerns or Violations

If you have a question or concern about food you or your family has purchased or eaten, please call the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development toll-free at 800-292-3939 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You will be connected with someone who can answer your question or help address your concern. If you have become ill and suspect foodborne illness, please seek medical attention. If possible, save any leftover suspect food and its packaging in a sealed plastic bag or container and store it in the freezer. If foodborne illness is confirmed, this food sample may be helpful in determining the source of contamination. You may also file a food safety complaint online through the MDARD online complaint form.

Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response: The CIFOR is a collection of local, state and federal partners collaborating effectively to reduce the burden of foodborne illness in the United States. Their mission is to improve methods at the local, state, and federal levels to detect, investigate, control, and prevent foodborne disease outbreaks.  Please click on the link to access the resources.

Who do I call?

Is it food poisoning?

CDC recall information

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Food Recall Information 

Foodborne Diseases

Causes of Foodborne Diseases
Fact sheets detailing how Foodborne diseases are contracted and what pathogens can be found in unsafe food

Least Wanted Foodborne Pathogens: A pictorial reference guide to many foodborne pathogens available online.





Information for Moms to Be and At-risk Groups
Fact Sheets covering how to safely navigate food before and during pregnancy, also tips for families eating out with food allergies

FDA Foodborne Outbreaks