Keep your customers and employees safe by establishing a clear set of procedures. Download our wide array of posters, activity sheets and more! Be sure to share these resources with your entire staff to develop a unified plan of attack against foodborne illness.

Seal your take-out items with an informative sticker that reminds consumers to Keep it chill or Enjoy it hot! Use this template to assure food safety. ( compatible with Avery 22830)


Norovirus – The Notorius Danger

Norovirus Cleanup

Employee Illness Guidelines

Take Course Now

Ask Before You Eat: A list of resources for families with food allergies including advice for how to eat out safely and how to educate your child’s caregivers about their allergy.

Norovirus Information

Employee Health Poster – Foodbourne Illness Guidelines

Hot Holding Temperature

Cold Holding Temperature

When and How to Wash Your Hands