Useful Inspection Materials

Equipment Spec Sheet: Provides information on cleaning frequency, sanitization, warewashing, and food-contact surface limitations

Food Spec Sheet: Provides information on minimum cooking temperatures and holding times, reheating for immediate service and hot holding, frozen food, date marking, and reduced oxygen packaging

Evaluation Form Parts and Their Use: This quick reference fact sheet highlights each section on the evaluation form and outlines the correct way to fill it out

Regulator’s Violation Summary Sheet: A summary sheet with each possible violation and the associated codes, based on the 2005 Food Code. Created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture

Ethnic Foods: The Food Inspectors Guide to Ethnic Foods in Michigan and subsequent resources offer comprehensive information regarding common ethnic food-service establishments and inspecting them

Plan Review:  Resource for the Food Establishment Industry as well as for Plan Reviewers.

Resources highlighted in red are funded through the Michigan Food Law of 2000, Act No 92, Industry Food Safety Education Fund.