Useful Inspection Materials

Equipment Spec Sheet: Provides information on cleaning frequency, sanitization, warewashing, and food-contact surface limitations

Food Spec Sheet: Provides information on minimum cooking temperatures and holding times, reheating for immediate service and hot holding, frozen food, date marking, and reduced oxygen packaging

Evaluation Form Parts and Their Use: This quick reference fact sheet highlights each section on the evaluation form and outlines the correct way to fill it out

Regulator’s Violation Summary Sheet: A summary sheet with each possible violation and the associated codes, based on the 2005 Food Code. Created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture

Ethnic Foods: The Food Inspectors Guide to Ethnic Foods in Michigan and subsequent resources offer comprehensive information regarding common ethnic food-service establishments and inspecting them

Resources highlighted in red are funded through the Michigan Food Law of 2000, Act No 92, Industry Food Safety Education Fund.