Industry Grant Projects

Temporary Food Establishment Brochure: Food Safety & Licensing Guide

Information on why a food license is required and instructions on how to apply. Also included are steps to preparing for your event and what is necessary during your event.

On-Line Food Safety Training for Food Service Workers: Provide online access for food service employees to PowerPoint presentations outlining the 5 risk factors of food borne illness.

Farm Market Food Safety Know-How: Shopping safely at your local farmers markets

Self-Inspection Guide for Farmers’ Markets: general guidelines for farmers’ market inspections created by the MDA Food & Dairy Division.

Foodborne Illness: This is a great introduction to foodborne illnesses. A ton of great information in a quick read. A must for any foodservice operation.

Developing Lasting Relationships:  A wonderful resource. This manual will help you in creating and sustaining helpful business relationships with your food industry partners.

Emergency Food Practices: Aimed more at consumers this is still an excellent quick guide for safe food practices in an emergency for foodservice operations. This guide includes a “Cold Food Temperature Guide” and tips to keep your food safe if the power goes out.

Health Department Standards: This is the Model Enforcement Guide for Michigan Health Departments laid out by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.