Temporary Food Establishment Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary Food Vendor Training: This audio visual presentation covers the basics of food safety and what you need for temporary food events. Developed by the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division with funding from the Michigan Department of Agriculture. 32 minute run time. Created Dec. 2009. Watch here.

Temporary Food Establishment License Application Instructions: A resource from the Michigan Department of Agriculture that outlines the required tools, facilities and procedures of a temporary food establishment. PDF format.

Temporary Food Establishment License Application: The application required to be filed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture by anyone desiring a temporary food license.

Temporary Food Event Planning Checklist: A packet from Saginaw County Department of Public Health including a checklist of all the task items leading up to a temporary food event and required materials and pictures of a hand-washing station. (Revised 2008)
PDF format

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Resources highlighted in red are funded through the Michigan Food Law of 2000, Act No 92, Industry Food Safety Education Fund.